Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Gift Ideas - Personalized and Inexpensive Christmas Gift For Friend

Snow flakes have stated covering the roofs, the lane just outside your door and your backyard patio have started turning white every fine morning. Trees, houses, the benches in the parks and the dried out maple leaves play hide and seek in the morning mist. Guess what? Christmas is right around the corner and the world is going to be adorned with the glorious galore of colors!

It’s time to spare thoughts over the Christmas decorations, Christmas gifts, and Christmas cake recipes. The local malls and the market places are about to be waved by the Christmas gifts and multicolored gift wrappers. If you are crazy about the Christmas gifts and have been scrambling around the web for some really good Christmas gift ideas, you are on the right place.

It doesn’t really matter if you have a tight budget constraint. Gifts are the token of love and remembrances; they don’t need to be expensive ones all the time. While writing this article, it reminds me of O Henry’s “The Gift of The Magi”. Jim and Della were in blind love with each other, but none of them could use the expensive gifts that they shared. Remember perfect gifts for an occasion like Christmas can be made special with your personal touch. It’s your own hand made things that can mark a difference, setting your Christmas gift apart from the rest that are found in the market. All the Christmas gift ideas here are inexpensive but have the potential to be the best treasured gift for your friends.

Chocolates for Christmas: As one of the salient tips on Christmas gift ideas, I would suggest you to pick something for him or her, keeping in mind what he or she likes. If he or she likes chocolates, you can add a special flavor to his or her Christmas celebration but giving a pack of gourmet chocolates. An assortment of some really good flavored chocolates in your self-crafted gift box can create some real magic!

Christmas Cookies: To make things more special, try out preparing cookies for your friend yourself. If he or she loves cookies, you can chant a magic spell on him or her with your hand made cookies. Each crunchy bit will remind him or her of your love.

Tune up The Christmas Celebration with Rhythm: Is your best friend a music peep? Why not putting rhythm to his or her Christmas celebration by giving a music CD? All you need to do is to know well about your friend’s choice of music. If he or she likes rock, the Southern rock music by Shooter Jennings can be a rocking gift! “The Rolling Stone”, “Led Zeppelin”, “Iron Maiden”, “Journey”, “KISS”, “Metallica” and never forgettable “Beatles” can tune u your friend’s Christmas. Remember, if he likes instrument, Kenny G can make your best buddy waltz around, matching steps with yours. Saul Hudson (SLASH) can also be an awesome Christmas gift for music lover. The “November Rain”, “Estranged”, “welcome to the jungle”, “Paradise City” etc. can be the most treasured Christmas gift for your music lover pal. Collect a the favorites of your friend; write them on a DVD or CD and that can be a nice gift, yet an inexpensive one. If you are a musician, why not play your own symphonies and record it for your best friend? Nothing more personal can a there be than this.

A Cake as a Christmas Gift: What better way can you bring a glow in your friend’s face this Christmas than by giving him or her a Christmas cake? Just evoke the spirit of Christmas with the smell of a yummy Christmas cake. If you want you can bring out a distinctive fervor to your Christmas gift by making the cake yourself at home. Be it a Beverly Manor French Brandy Cake or the Traditional Delicious Fruit Cakes, your home made Christmas cake can be the best Christmas gift ever, if your friend is a great foodie.

Hand Made Photo Frames: Are you tired of the common photo frames that are available in gift stores? Here’s a great idea! Why not making your own photo frames? You ca get tons of tips on ‘how to make photo frames’. Nothing captures the spirit Christmas celebration than by gifting a unique gift like your own hand made photo frames for your best buddy. Make gift for your friend with care and love is a fun that cannot be sketched in words.

When it comes to Christmas gift, you just can’t deny the importance of the gift packing. Who doesn’t want to add a special finishing touch to the personalized Christmas gift before it is given. Let the artist hidden in your soul come out with some artistic ideas of packing the Christmas gift. You should be picky enough when it comes to choosing the wrappers and ribbons. Choose from red, white, silver and gold to add meaning to your gifts.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai Terror throws The City Out of Gear

Bang Go the Guns in Mumbai - The Mumbai Terror News Round Up

Let me be very candid. Let me not hide and seek. This is one of the major incidences that have robbed off the night's sleeps from Indians. Severe terror attacks with blasts and gunfire were launched on November 26 2008, Wednesday at multiple pockets in the metropolitan city – Mumbai, claiming lives. November 28 witnessed the death toll of over 200, including at least 22 foreigners and over 300 people were reported to be seriously injured in the blasts and firefights. This morning... November 29, Saturday has seen a scene that is more horrendous and frightening. There was a short span lull in the midnight. But as the commandos closed in on the terrorists, the firefights turned out to be more intense accompanied by a series of blasts. The gunfight resumed at around 3:40 am at room no. 565 of Taj Mahal Hotel, where 5 massive explosions inflamed the ground floor of the heritage structure of the hotel to fierce fire within half an hour time.

After as long as 59 hours of siege, the condition could be brought in control, by killing most of the terrorists. It was reported that at least one terrorist was still there inside the hotel, who was the fastest guy in the lot! The next round of firings resumed at around 8 am today, Saturday, November 29 resulting a huge plumes of smoke clouding out of the Taj's first floor. India's Marine Comandos Force (MCF) – MARCOS have surrounded the Taj Hotel. An incredible number of as many as 477 NSG commandos were airlifted to Mumbai. A huge team is working hard on the mission to flush out only 6 terrorists at Mumbai.

Terrorism is not only a nightmare to a country like India. The entire world is about to shatter down with the fear of terrorist attacks, like the one that threw life in Mumbai out of gear!

Who should we ask for security? Why did the Intelligence fail? How could they enter Indian border by water ways? How could they gather such a huge volume of ammunition? How long did it take for them to prepare things for launching the Mumbai terrorist attack? What were the security doing? Lots of questions like these are swirling in my head and I'm sure you guys are also looking for the answers!

Let me show you a brief list of major terror attacks in India, 2008 :
How long do we need to wait to end up such condition? Or it's just a start?

Check out the clips brought to you by YouTube...

CNN Coverage:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Promote Your Online Business Through Internet Marketing

Hey... Welcome to Aribiss, the Content Guru - the going-to-be one-stop site for content about anything and everything with an exception of stuff related to vulgar and controversial issues. Let us start off with some really great tips about how to make money online. It's not all that a great deal - nor a missile science. If you are a business that has just invested a huge volume of money in a brand new website, you're probably looking forward to give it a fruitful shape. Who doesn't want to grow his site and use it as a potentially effective money making platform? And what's wrong in it? We all need cash at the end of the day after all! Let me reveal the secret of the success story of Internet Marketing!

content guru, content guru, online business, internet marketting, internet marketting, internet marketing, online marketing, online marketting, how to increase traffic to website, how to increase traffic to website?, how to increase traffic to website? how to do internet marketing? Now the question is how can you make your site make money for you? Getting your site listed on Google isn't just enough. What else then? Your motive should be making the site visible to the right kind of people across the web! Until they find you they can't approach you with their purchase order. Not making your site visible to your proposed clients, means you are leaving all scopes for your competitors to grab all opportunities.

Ignite your skill of online marketing right this moment. Read on... I'm sure my tips on Online Business and Internet Marketing are going to be some precious steps for you to get success in online marketing!

Site Engineering: Hey... don't worry; you don't need to be an award winner student of Science! The word "Site Engineering" is my own word that just came in my mind. I mean to say Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Okay, let me put things in a way so that it becomes easy for you to understand. By SEO you can make your website respond in the way your targeted audience (the people who are your target) would search for the products you deal with or the services you are providing. Giant Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL rank websites subject to the satisfactory accomplishment of certain criterion, which are really complex. And I'm sure 95% of the webmasters don't understand the algorithms that work at the back stage on creating the rankings for their site. Expert people use a set of full-proved techniques. Your site needs to have a high Search Engine Results Position - SERP. The best way to do it is to avoid making child's play with your site. Consult a technically sound person for right SEO. But remember, Content is the KING. Good content would make each new visitor turn into repeated visitor! Half the war is won if you put right content, which are useful for your visitors.

Pay Per Click: One amongst the best ways to mark your presence across the world wide web is to advertise through Paid Search Options, like Yahoo! Search and Google Adwords. The Pay Per Click option involves picking the most potential buzz words - keywords for the services or product you are dealing with. All you need to do is to write a brief and effective advertisement note with a catchy headline that must be keyword rich. Remember don't try to impose keywords by force - that won't make any sense. Now when a user, who's looking for the products and/or services, will type the keyword to find his desired stuff, your advertisement will appear. When they will click on the ad, they will be redirected to your site and you need to pay the agreed sum of money to Google for each click. This is one of the most effective and full-proved technique to drive traffic in to your site and get your services and product sold.

Content: "Content is the King", I repeat! When it comes to promoting your online business through Internet Marketing, you need to bank on quality content. Any deviation from this rule will leave you with danger of loss! With sub-standard content your visitors will lose interest to stay there and learn about what you have to offer to them. Thus poor content will decrease the stick time of your visitors with the site, thereby increasing the Bounce Rate. Your purpose of selling your service and product to your online visitors will never be fulfilled. Quality content will make then drop in to your site over and over again, and here you go a step ahead of your competitors. Articles should be your own and not copied! It is always advisable to get your articles prepared by a professional writer, who can identify and categorize keywords as Primary, Secondary and Tertiary and induce them in right ways.

Directory Submission: Keeping your site well ranked by Search Engines - high Search Engine Results Positioning (SERP) - is what the motive is! Simply putting up articles into your site to give product knowledge and company introduction doesn't work. You won't be getting enough room to put up a wide range of articles in your site. Use some of the quality articles in a way so as to drive in traffic to your sites from different directories. Submit some well composed articles to optimized article directories. People visiting those directories will be come across your articles and will be impressed by your knowledge and expertise in the services or products you are dealing with. They will click through to your business site via a link provided at the end of the article. It is always advisable to continue posting quality articles in different article submission sites. You will find a lot of free article submission sites.

Hey folks... Wait a bit! One more point...
Internet Marketing is not an area for amateur writers. There are certainly some rules - though it's no grammar, but principles are to be followed. It's an artistic technique or technical art... whatever you look at it! If you don't consider it seriously you are going to run the risk of ruining your potential earning from Online Business. If you are an online business, if you have not much skill of Internet Marketing, it's time to call a professional.

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