Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Mammoth in a Room

global recession global economy global economic growth global economic growthI am sure you guys would wonder what this “mammoth in a room” is all about! Well, this extract is all about the Economic recession. “Mammoth” here is the global economy… more specifically the most heated up topic of discussion – the global economic recession. Let’s assume that a mammoth has been captivated in a room. How can it grow? The global economic growth has suddenly come to a halt, affecting every single individual on the planet a way or the other. Banking and financial sector, IT sector, insurance sector and foreign trade sector have all been victimized by the recession venom. As the mammoth ceases to grow any longer, development has been paralyzed world wide. Joblessness, foreclosure, salary slashing, etc are all at the peak.

You might be facing hard time to pay the skyrocketing bills for your car’s fuels, grocery prices and other maintenance cost. Confusion has surged in to your life so stealthily and yet so steadily! Civilization is feeling the heat of what is known as economic recession. With an abrupt downturn of the global economy, people are gripped in the pronged pressure of tougher time. That doesn’t mean you can’t survive the economic recession! If you sit back on your couch and spare a thought over this issue, you can find loads of ideas to make money, when apparently survival seems to be too hard.

Help The Mammoth to Grow

Invest in the Stock Market: It may sound a bit too weird, but as a matter of fact, this is a time you should take advantage of. With crashing stock market, the purchase costs of shares of certain medium to big brands have come down. Purchase some of them! By this you will create a provision for your better future as well as adding worth to the economy.

Invest in Real Estate: Real Estate sector has crashed too. The cost turned down. This is the right time make some investment on real estate if you can. Purchase a land or a house at low cost now to be sold at higher cost in future. This way you will make some extra dollar in recent future and at the same time providing nutrition to the mammoth to grow.

More the mammoth will grow, faster the good time will be reached.

Start off a small business: Gear up your pace; go ahead to kick start a home based business of your own. Chalk out an action plan that suits you and your life style. Just be at it. Survey the market carefully, lest you don’t get trapped in scam. Data entry jobs, cooked food home service etc. are a couple easy options for you.

Steer clear of bad investments: It’s not only about money, but about time and labor too! Investments in wrong sectors will cease the mammoth to grow. Wrong investment implies wastage, which in turn, means letting the mammoth suffer from further malnutrition!

Remember, “Change is the only permanent thing in life”. Recession is just a phase that has to see its trough. But to survive the recession is what you should spare thoughts over.

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