Saturday, March 7, 2009

Stress: The Most Happening Health Problem Today

Stress management Cause of Stress effect of stress control Stress level stress results health disorders, health issues lifestyle Health Problem sleeplessness mental disorders psychological threatIf you feel a disconnection from what and where you actually are, if you tend to be forgetting your breath, you are in Stress. Fact is that you are not alone. Stress has more or less captivated almost 100% of world’s population and has been paralyzing the Americans men and women at a colossal pace. As one of the major reasons that reshape the human brain, stress has emerged to be a curse in the US today. Nerve-wrecking work pressure and tendency of the generation to join the rat’s race are the major causes for stress. Young adults in the US have been reported gripped in pronged pressure of stress that causes brain cells to shrink or grow beyond the desirable limit.

Reports shows that stress level is soaring high in children and teenagers too! Lack of social support, frequent failures in dealing with critical situations and unusual corporate pressure define the major reasons behind stress. Strain, on the other level, has become more invasive along side stress and is a psychological threat for the modern generation.

Cause of Stress: The “flight or fight” syndrome has marked a major difference in lifestyle! Competitions, failures and successes in today’s progressive and highly dynamic world is all time high. The business climate is getting worse with competition edging towards the peak. The polluted environment at work directly influences the stress level of the Employees. The wanton pressure thrown on employees, the continuous apprehension about job security and sleeplessness are the major causes of loads of health issues that keep victims awake at the wee hours of night. Back ache, neck pain, hypertension, fluctuating BP, diabetes, gastroenteritis and in worst cases strokes, ulcers and heart attacks are the bottom line of the stress story.

Other reasons that cause stress include eying a computer for as long as six hours continuously every day, chasing targets or somebody continually monitoring you.

Effect of Stress: To brief, stress results loss. Loss of health implies loss of everything, and stress ends up with nothingness. Stress breeds mental disorders, throwing the smooth lifestyle off the track. Increase in heart rate, fluctuating BP – usually high, disruption of the electrolytic balance in blood, insomnia, narcolepsy, and defunct internal organs are some ill effects of stress that affects the immune system adversely. It has been surveyed that 50% percent of Americans have complexity while sleeping. Chronic depression, anxiety, psychological illnesses are the vinegary reward of stress for present generation.
Viewing from an entirely different perspective, unswerving stress affects the country’s growth, by the way of diminishing per-capita productivity not only in a man’s social aspect but professional aspect as well. With diminishing marginal utility of a stressed out labor, the country’s economy is rudely on the wane.

Measures to control Stress: With situation so grave all around, the most precious gift that you can present yourself is to take measures to control stress in your life. A few simple alterations in your lifestyle can fetch you the much needed difference in your life. Scoop an hour or so out of your bustling schedule for a stroll amidst the morning mist will lower your stress level. Listen to whatever genre of tunes you like… preferably the classics like Bach, Beethoven and Mozart! Spend times with your beloved, friends and folks. Yoga and meditation may seem to be boring all the way, but are the most potent methods of stress management. Modern psychiatrists prescribe to visit aquariums.

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